LIVINGSTON – Senator Richard J. Codey and Assembly members John McKeon and Mila  Jasey  (D- Essex/Morris) released the following statement after meeting with New Jersey Transit executives about the upcoming diversion of the Morris and Essex train line this summer:

I know that no way we slice it, the upcoming diversion for the Morris and Essex train line is going to cause extreme havoc for many of our residents this summer and with this in mind we have not just stood by and accepted this and have continued to press NJ Transit to work with our communities to ease this pain, among the suggestions being an increase in bus service for our towns. I hope NJ Transit understands we are dealing with people’s lives and families here and take our suggestions into consideration.” -- Senator Richard J. Codey

 “Prior to the announcement of the diversion of the Morris and Essex line, I had been holding hearing demanding transparency, accountability, and a reformed culture at NJ Transit. While I understand that NJ Transit believes it is doing all can to accommodate the large numbers of commuters from our legislative district, one fact remains the same: If Governor Christie had not cancelled the ARC tunnel in 2010, we’d be opening a 3rd tunnel in a matter of months. The fact that NJ Transit and this administration continue to blame Amtrak rather than figure out how to get direct bus routes to all affected stations and communities is absolutely wrong.  

Today, we again laid out the hardship that the Morris and Essex line diversions are going to cause. I hope that the leaders of NJ Transit are open to the options we presented that would provide more modes of transportation four communities to get to and from their jobs this summer.” --

Assemblyman John F. McKeon

“Our legislative district is one of the most commuter heavy in the state and particularly relies on the Morris and Essex line. Our constituents who work in New York City and beyond want just one thing: the service they expect and deserve.  Today, as we have from the beginning and will continue to do, we pressed NJ Transit to keep exploring different ways to provide more options. The commuters and families in our district are relying on the professionals at NJ Transit to see what is working and what isn’t and adjust as soon as possible.” -- Assemblywoman Mila Jasey

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