Mila wants to end special tax breaks for millionaires and instead provide a $1,000 property tax cut for
families earning less than $200,000.



Mila is leading the fight to protect the Senior Freeze Property Tax Program and supports harsh penalties
for identity thieves and telemarketers who prey on our seniors.



Mila believes women deserve equal pay for equal work and for access to lifesaving
mammograms and preventative care.



Mila is the Legislature’s leading education advocate, and will fight to keep our public schools the
best in the nation.  She wants small class sizes, limited standardized testing and the school funding formula
followed so all districts get the help they deserve.  She also thinks every young adult should have the
chance to go to college or pursue a career without piling up debt. 



Mila wants to make sure our air quality and drinking water are safe, that we preserve open space and that
remediation settlement funds are dedicated to cleaning up the impacted site. She has been a leader in the
fight to stop the Pilgrim Pipeline.

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  • Vinita Kapoor
    commented 2020-01-13 10:02:38 -0500
    PLease don’t make unnecessary bills to mandate vaccines and drugs.
    For health people need clean water, sanitation and nutrition. Vaccines is not part of any.
    consider removing the BILL S2173, that removes religious exemption for the state of New Jersey.
    we cannot make vaccines mandatory. Let the people decide what vaccines they need and what they don’t.
    Freedom to choose vaccine is basic freedom right, making any vaccine mandatory is going against the fundamentals of
    People are smart enough to recognize if something is harmful to them. BILLS Like S2173 are against basic freedom.
  • Scott Bay
    commented 2018-02-07 17:14:13 -0500

    I am so pleased to see that your priorities are family first! I love the resource that Jonathan Johnson commented below, but it is out of date. I feel so much safety and security because of home security — residents should really use this resource: . Keep doing what you’re doing!
  • LaDawna Harrington
    commented 2017-03-29 09:25:57 -0400
    I am happy to see that you have such a wealth of experience regarding the education of our children. We need strong voices advocating for ALL our children. It is my hope that you support school libraries as a part of your focus on education. The research reveals the need for Information Literacy (which includes digital, visual, media, textual, and technological literacy) to be taught at all levels of instruction, and the School Library Media Specialist has the education and expertise to provide consistent training. Not only that but Reading is a window to the world. Reading is foundational for learning, personal growth, and enjoyment. Reading goes beyond decoding and comprehension to interpretation and development of new understanding. Information Literacy is more critical than ever in a world of choice overload and fake news. Please support bill A4500 and school librarians to ensure that our students have an opportunity for a great education in ALL our NJ schools.
  • Jonathan Johnson
    commented 2016-12-06 16:02:17 -0500

    I’m so glad you’re concerned with putting families first. I think families are absolutely vital to building a strong, lasting New Jersey. For anyone that is eager to keep their family safe and protected, I built this great resource that lets people shop for home security systems to fit their needs:

    Would love to address any questions you have!